Start Button Upgrade

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Both red and silver colors are available, both with red backlit letters and a billet aluminum trim ring and threaded locking ring.

Plug and play with our existing Plug and Play Push Button Start Kit.

If you order one of these at the same time as purchasing one of our kits you will still receive the standard button as well.

Please note: At this time these will only work in the OEM steering column clamshell of the 88-00 Civic, 90-99 Integra and del Sol due to their size.

They will work with the 00-01 Integra if you use a clamshell from a 94-99 Integra

They will also work if you use our hole saw to mount your button somewhere else.

We will have an additional adapter piece coming soon so that they will be able to work with all other models.

Our standard button will work with all models.


**DO NOT clean your start button with harsh chemicals. This can damage the finish on your button. We recommend using a mild detergent on a damp cloth. Our warranty will not cover damaged start buttons due to misuse. As long as harsh chemicals and sharp objects such as car keys are kept away from the button, the finish will remain nice for years to come. All of our buttons have been proven reliable to over 400,000 presses**