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Q. Can I remove my push to start kit from my vehicle if I decide to sell it or move it to another vehicle?   

A. Yes, but the push to start kit is vehicle specific.  Your kit may or may not fit other vehicles.  Please contact us if you have any fitment questions.


Q. Am I able to return to a stock ignition switch and key if I want to sell my car or remove my kit?  

A. Yes, you can always reinstall your OEM key cylinder and ignition switch and return your vehicle to stock.   Just simply reverse the install instructions and plug your factory ignition switch back in. 


 Q. My car takes longer to start. Will I still be able to start my car with the push to start kit?  

A. Yes, instead of short pressing the button and releasing, what you can do is continue to hold the button and the starter will continue to turn the engine until you release the button. 


Q.   If my car battery dies will I have to reprogram the unit?

A. No, the Push to Start kit will never need to be programmed or reprogramed. When you receive your kit from us you can simply install it and plug everything in and it will work. You will not have to program it then nor if your car battery dies. Simply replace your car battery with a good one or jump start the car like normal and you are good to go.


Q. How do I start my vehicle once the vehicle battery has gone dead?

A. All that will need to be done is either replace the battery with a known good one, or simply use jumper cables.  The module takes very little power to operate; in fact, less than the vehicle's engine computer.  So the unit may beep and operate normally, even though the car does not have enough power to start.  Once the battery is replaced or jumper cables are attached, there are no extra steps or reprogramming that will need to be done. Furthermore, the key tags also will function just like normal and will never need to be reprogrammed. They don’t have batteries that will ever need to be replaced either. 


Q. I have installed my antenna for my push to start kit on the back side of the lower dash panel, like in the install video. Now my key fobs are not working once I reinstall the panel in the car. What do I do?

A.   The cause of this issue is interference with the antenna. This is caused by the large metal plate located behind this panel. This metal plate is held in with two 10 mm bolts and can be removed from the car to prevent this interference, if this is where you would like to put your antenna. The antenna can also be placed in many other locations which will not have this issue. **Please note that not every car will have this issue. This is mainly an issue on the del Sol where the gap between the metal plate and lower dash panel is minimal.


Q. My car has a manual transmission, if I ever have to roll start my car with this kit installed am I still able to do so?

A. It is possible to do as we have been able to do it ourself successfully; however, if done incorrectly the car could think that it has not been started and if you were to press the start button, would turn the starter over instead of turning the car off. If this were to happen you would have to stall the engine instead of turning the car off with the button. You would know to do this by the start button flashing instead of being lit up solid. For this reason we recommend that you jump start the car with jumper cables or a battery pack instead of roll starting it.