Additional Key For Push Button Start Conversion Kit

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**For security reasons, additional keys will either need to be purchased at the same time as ordering your push to start kit, or you can simply send us one of your keys so that we can duplicate it.**

The blue key fob and key card are the same as the keys that are included with the kit

The JDi adhesive back disc comes with a peel and stick back with high quality 3M adhesive. Perfect for the back of your cell phone to use your phone to start your vehicle. Please note: some phones can cause interference with the RFID chip. Typically these keys work best when placed on the outside of a phone case to avoid any interference. We recommend testing the key first before placing it on your phone.

**If you are purchasing an additional key or keys at the same time as purchasing your kit, we will program them and ship them together with the kit.

**If purchasing an additional key or keys after you have already received your kit, we will send you the address to mail one of your existing keys to once you have placed the order for your additional keys.