About us

Here at Jordan Distributors inc., we have been a long time supplier of quality auto parts. While we provide parts for all makes and models, we are Honda enthusiasts more than anything else.

We are happy to announce our first original products: First is our fully Plug and Play Push to Start Conversion kit for the golden era Hondas that we all know and love. It is no secret how easy these cars are to steal, so join us in helping keep these cars with their rightful owners and keeping these cars on the road for years to come!

Next is the Ghost Box. A powerful, 4-Channel, 50W per channel Bluetooth radio delete module. This is perfect for classic vehicles where you would like to keep the originality of the factory head unit as well as modified vehicles where you would like to use the radio location to mount your aftermarket gauges. The Ghost Box is the perfect solution to add modern Bluetooth functionality with the sound quality that you would expect from other high quality aftermarket head units. 

Our newest product is the Ghost Lock. With the Ghost Lock fully installed, no one will ever know that it is there. The Ghost Lock allows you to track your vehicle from anywhere, 24/7 and in real time! But that is not all! If knowing where the car is simply isn't enough, then with just a press of a button on the app on your smartphone, the car will shut off! Last but certainly not least, the Ghost Lock is also a fully functional fuel pump relay upgrade harness. Perfect for anything from your stock daily driver all the way up to your fully built racecar! 

 Thank you for visiting our store! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via the Contact Us tab above