Kill Switch for Push to Start Kit

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This kill switch is directly plug and play with all of our Plug and Play Push to Start Conversion Kits.

This prevents someone from being able to start your car, even if they steal your unique RFID key. 


The way this kill switch will work is as follows:

Plug the male spade connector into the quick connector on the brake switch wire and then plug the green wire from the push to start kit into the female spade connector.

Thats it!

Now, hide the switch anywhere you would like.


With the switch in the on position, the kit will function like normal.
Simply put your foot on the brake and press the start button to start the vehicle.
With the switch in the off position it will interrupt the signal from the brake switch to the push to start module and will not allow the car to start.


**The brake lights will always remain functional regardless of switch position.


Please note: This harness is 6ft. in length.
*The same way this will keep your car from starting, it will also keep it from being turned back off if you flip the switch to the off position once you have started the vehicle. Because of this we recommend that you keep the switch in the on position until you have shut the engine back off.